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Question by  answerstoday (20)

Why do they use Albon on cats?


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

Albon is essentially an antibiotic for dogs and cats. It's good for respiratory diseases that can cause big problems for your pets. It can also help with glandular infections in these animals.


Answer by  Darrell (316)

Albon is a medicine that is generally used to treat coccidia infections. It is also used in the treatment of respiratory, genitourinary tract, enteric, and soft tissue infections, tonsillitis, cystitis, pustular dermatitis, bacterial enteritis, pharyngitis, nephritis, anal gland infections, canine salmonellosis, bronchitis, metritis, abscesses, bacterial enteritis, associated pneumonia, and pyometra.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Albon is an antibiotic for cats/dogs. It is used for different things including tonsillitis, bronchitis, abscesses, associated pneumonia, and gland infections-to name a few. It comes in liquid or pill form and is not for human use. Plenty of water is recommended with this medicine and the cat should show improvement within a couple days.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Albon is used to treat bacterial parasites, most particularly coccidia which is transmitted by contact with feces and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and appetite loss. This condition requires intervention and treatment with specifics such as Albon as the infection can cause death. Any manifestation of the above noted symptoms should prompt veterinary care.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

Albon is an antibiotic that treats coccidia in cats, which is an internal parasite that makes cats sick and have diarrhea, which leads to dehydration.


Answer by  reddeb96701 (494)

It is used for respiratory and genitourinary tract infections or congestions. Some times for infections of the tonsils or other throat problems or infections. It is even used for bronchitis and other of thouse type of lung problems. It is a fast acting medicine and works very well for most cats.

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