Question by  Jim46 (33)

Why do they serve alcohol on airplanes?


Answer by  barry20 (7)

Some people need alcohol to relax and airplane travel can be stressful. Since there are several flight attendants and other passangers on the plane, it is unlikely that a passenger that does drink to excess would get out of control. It is also a source of revenue for the airline since those are beverages that they charge for.


Answer by  Steve95 (108)

There are two good reasons; public demand especially in first class and it is a high profit item for the airline. A single serve drink may cost the airline less than a dollar, but it sells for five to seven dollars. There is no real good reason.


Answer by  cmunch (97)

They do this because people want to drink alcohol while on an airplane. This being that they aren't in control of the aircraft. Which means one can just relax, while having a little drink. Especially because one usually doesn't have anything to do, so drinking is a way to unwind.


Answer by  kak (488)

Airlines serve alcohol on planes because their customers want it and it is profitable. They make about 500 percent profit per drink. Customers use it to calm down when anxious.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Nerves. Some people get very nervous when they go to fly. Some people have an actual phobia while others remain jittery and uneasy. So the Airliners serve alcohol on the plane in order to calm them down just a bit. Some people calm down drastically after one or two drinks.


Answer by  krenhoek (35)

I believe they serve alcohol on airplanes to relax the passengers. Often people are nervous or apprehensive when flying, and a little alcohol in moderation can help ease those feelings.

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