Question by  kirinaboykova (7)

Why do pet bunnies lick their owners?


Answer by  AtlantaGal (33)

Pet bunnies lick their owners because, along with many other animals, bunnies enjoy the taste of salt. When humans sweat, they sweat out a certain amount of sodium which accounts for the salty taste. Bunnies and other animals do not consume salt in their diet the way humans do.


Answer by  oldmom (716)

When your pet bunny licks you, he's probably looking for salt. You can get a bunny salt lick at your favorite pet store, unless you enjoy the licking and want it to continue.


Answer by  ted (15)

There are a couple different reasons for this. One is for the salt that naturally occurs on people skin from sweating. They also do it as a sign of affection.


Answer by  Jermbubba (95)

For several reason, much the same as a cat or dog would like its owner. The rabbit is first showing you affection. secondly its the salt on your skin that the animal really enjoys. Try working out and then seeing if the animal doesnt like you even more so.

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