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Question by  cdolezal (37)

Why do people say "Don't bring up old fights"?


Answer by  summeroeth (88)

Fights have emotional feelings and attachments. Even after a fight is resolved, people still retain those emotional feelings. Bring up old fights conjures up negative feelings and emotions. Leave what is in the past in the past in order to prevent this.


Answer by  Glo (62)

If you choose to bring up old fights, old hurts, and it is a choice, you are opening old wounds. This damages any relationship further. If it is a relationship that is important to you, it should be nurtured with positive reinforcement. If you must revisit past issues then a solution should be sought so that peace can be achieved.


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

Because, for whatever reason, they don't want the past brought up. Maybe they are getting on well now, depsite past events, or maybe the past has no relevance to a current situation or maybe they're embarassed or ashamed of how they've behaved in the past and would rather not talk about it.


Answer by  mizlady (14)

If that question is being asked then more than likely there is a 'new' fight. If an old fight is brought up then the one revisiting it has unresolved feelings or issues about it. Why did that person wait until a new fight arose to try to resolve it? Now they have the old and new fight to deal with.

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