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Question by  Tyryt1 (15)

Why do my tomatoes all have flowers but no fruit?


Answer by  worker3873 (146)

Tomatoes fruit at different times in the year, be patient. However, If you notice your flowers dropping, you may need more soil or water available for the plant.


Answer by  worker2013 (37)

This is a common problem that can easly be solved by placing the plant in more direct sun light and adding a proper fertlizing plan. Within three weeks you will see improvement.


Answer by  beko (78)

Tomatoes are hard to pollinate. Honey bees can not pollinate them. If you do not have other insets in your area that pollinate, then you will need to self pollinate them. Do this by taking a vibrating head tooth brush and touch it to the insides of each flower.


Answer by  worker9225 (25)

Tomato plants that produce flowers but no fruit have not been pollinated. A tomato is only produced when its flower has been pollinated. Reasons for this could include too few tomato plants or lack of pollinators such as bees.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It's because your Tomatoes are not ready yet! Tomato plants grow little flowers on them before the fruit comes in. These little flowers then start to slowly turn into little Tomatoes before growing to be full sized and ready to pick!


Answer by  Wade (168)

Your tomatoes are probably not getting enough water, or erratic water. Tomatoes need to be hot and wet through most of the summer.

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