Question by  viggo (22)

What is the best way to grow tomatoes?

I would like to grow tomatoes.


Answer by  Brenda21 (32)

I think that the best way to grow tomatoes is by ensuring that you have the right type of soil and enough space for them to grow. Where you plant them is also very important. They will need enough sunlight.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

Tomatoes are easiest to grow from seedlings in the spring, especially if you are in a cooler climate with harsh winters. Plant them in medium to full sun, and water them several times a week if there is no rain. Different varieties of tomatoes will be ready to pick at different times, so choose a few types.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

The best way to grow tomatoes is in the ground. The soil should be fertile - feel free to amend with composted manure, homemade compost, etc. Keep them well watered and put large cages around them to contain the sometimes massive growth.


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

You will need a backyard, or other suitable growing space, and some stakes. Once your tomato plants start to grow you have to secure them to stakes or your plants will droop downwards, and you will never grow tomatoes correctly. Also, you are a bit late for planting, you will have to wait until the summer to plant tomatos.


Answer by  aman (24)

watch on the weather, give water regulary , also grow the tometoes from where the kitchen water is comming, where we wash our utensils and water is mixed with food.

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