Question by  Matt99 (25)

Why do my stereo power transistors keep shorting out?

Can I fix them?


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

You must isolate the circuit board to heat-sink to keep from short circuit. May be your power transistors are on the main pcb, thats why it is shorting out everytime.


Answer by  neelesh (37)

Because of applying higher input voltage to the transistor than specified by the manufacturer. for example, if my stereo power transistor's specification has input voltage defined as 10V with 10 percent tolerance, then for correct output ,the input must fall between 9V to 11V. If applied voltage is more than 11V, the transistor is supposed to be shorting out.


Answer by  caftril (176)

The power transistors driving the speaker probably are handling more current than designed for. Many stereo specifications claim higher power than is possible. You can replace the transistors, but they will still burn out. Get a new amplifier from a trusted brand with adequate power.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Either you have too much power going through the stereo or you wires are getting old and can't handle the power they need to. You should try new wires first to see if that will fix it.


Answer by  Ultimate (399)

The transistors can be shorted out for several reasons the main one being incorrect wiring it is NOT suggested to try and fix them yourself as you could be injured.

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