Question by  fst805 (28)

Why do leaves change color?


Answer by  TreesRgood (16)

Leaves change color during the autumn season and of the weather. Weather takes a huge part in the role of why leaves change color. Autumn is the time of year when the clorophyll in the lives start to dwindle. This is why leaves change colors.


Answer by  Sally50 (47)

Leaves have color because of the pigment it has just like skin color has pigment. Leaves have the pigment called chlorophyll which make them green. When temperatures fall and there is less sunlight the chlorophyll disappears and the other pigments of color become visible. Usually the leaves turn shades of yellow, orange and red.


Answer by  Olenka (176)

In autumn the pigment responsible for the leave's green colour (it's actually called chlorophyll) disappears, leaving only carotene and other pigments behind, and thos pigments are responsible for the brownish/yellowish colour leaves take.


Answer by  ElectronicGuy (221)

It's because the trees are "dying" per say, when the climate changes the pigments in the leaves wither from lack of vitamins.


Answer by  cdsanders (3)

Because when baby jesus cries, his tears hit the leaves and change them from a living green color, to the dead orange and browns that are the colors of fall.

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