Question by  ibba602 (9)

How to change the color on the background of my computer?

I do not like the blue color and would like to change it to red or pink.


Answer by  ggobee16 (21)

right click the mouse on the desktop, select the properties, then click the desktop tab which appears on the top, then select none in the background. As a default color blue will appeared. On the right of the display properties you can able to find color. now you can choose your favorite color


Answer by  RepairItMan (419)

To change you desktop color, right click on your desktop - then select Properties, Customize, or Customization. If your on Windows 98 - XP: Click the "Desktop" tab, make sure the "Background" is set to "None", and select a color. On Windows Vista or Windows 7: Click "Desktop Background", under "Location", select "Solid Colors".


Answer by  hamsa (133)

Right click the mouse button on an empty space of your desktop and click on "Properties" A window opens up. Click on the "Desktop" tab. Look for the "Color" option. Choose your required color from the drop down list. Next click on "Apply". The change will take place. Finally click on "OK" to close the window.


Answer by  abhijit (22)

right click the mouse in desktop and select properties. Then select desktop tab which is up in the box. In that tab there is a button called color in the right down corner above the button "apply". click that button to change the background color. if you click the button "other" you can manually select the coclor


Answer by  Oliviero (81)

right click on the screen then select display properties. Choose the background option and then select the color or picture you'd like

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