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Question by  kbclassi (20)

Why do I need a colon biopsy?


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

If you have severe internal or external hemorrhoids (internal ones can be painless), blood in your stool or painful bowel movements.


Answer by  littlecrazy (75)

Colon biopsy is a quick procedure where a small part of intestinal wall is taken for specific examination. It's most likely because of suspicion on inflammatory or neoplastic disease.


Answer by  fiona (208)

You probably have received abnormal test results of a colonoscopy. The biopsy is to check for cancer, which will need to be treated if you have it.


Answer by  myogi (23)

You may need a colon biopsy if your doctor has found a polyp or growth in your colon. A biopsy is done to see if the growth is cancerous.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

If your doctor has seen something growing abnormally in your color, e.g. during a colonoscopy or by taking some king of image like an x-ray, the doctor may want to take a sample of it to make sure it's not cancerous.

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