Question by  ckdenman (12)

Why do I have a postpartum stomach ache?


Answer by  bigb59 (42)

After the baby leaves your stomache your inner muscles and stomach area begin to shrink back, and this may cause stomache pain.


Answer by  danielledc2b (61)

It depends on how far postpartum you are. If it is relatively close to when you gave birth, it could just be the uterus contracting to its normal size. It will continue to contract until about 6 weeks after giving birth, where it will be back to its normal size.


Answer by  ranica (184)

this stomach ache occurs because of the contraction of the uterus which cause pain, the uterus must be maintained firm to avoid bleeding.


Answer by  CJ81 (232)

Your stomach may feel uncomfortable for awhile postpartum as it readjusts and begins to shrink. The muscles are stretched out and the strain of pushing may also have caused bruising.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

Your uterus may still be contracting and going back to it's normal size. It's also common to be constipated for some time after giving birth.


Answer by  mandam7 (56)

You are probably experiencing small uterine contractions, which are completely normal after giving birth. They work the muscles of your uterus to shrink them back down to their normal size.


Answer by  goddesskristina (13)

Your uterus is shrinking back to the size it was pre pregnancy which can take time. Also if you are breastfeeding you can experience contracts like feelings while baby is nursing which is assisting in your uterus returning to normal size. A warm water bottle or similar on your stomach can help and my midwife said that ibuprofen was fine.


Answer by  maggiec1179aolcom (754)

There is a lot of healing going on. When you breasfeed you can have cramps from minor discomfort to the feeling of a contraction and it is normal. It is just your body regulating itself.


Answer by  woohoo (61)

A stomach ache could be a number of reasons, one of the main problems could be bad food or too full. If that is the case then hot milk will help relieve any postpartum stomach ache.


Answer by  roxiey (191)

well i can aswer that i have had 4 kids so i think its because after you give birth your uterus is contracting and shrinking back to its normal size.

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