Question by  neo46 (22)

Why didn't our relationship work out?


Answer by  Robin (149)

Well my last relationship did not work out for many different reasons one is beacuse they did not work and i gave everything and i got nothing back and well i feeel they were dishonest with me and there was no emotioal connection between us besides sex and that is it really


Answer by  tammy23 (55)

Most relationship don't work out because people don't communicate with each other. this leads to misunderstanding on what each person whats from each other and from this relationship, and in the end leads to a break up.


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

Sometimes relationships don't work out for a variety of reasons. One person or the other is not ready or able or willing to make a commitment to the relationship, or perhaps that special someone just didn't feel as strongly as you about you did about him. Good relationships are founded on honesty, so be sure you can trust your partner.


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

There are many reasons why relationships don't work out. It could be communication issues, or mere conflicts between people. In general, it is simply a matter of two people being at two different places in their lives, and going two different directions. One shouldn't immediately take it personally.

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