Question by  kavin (15)

Why did Blink 182 break up?


Answer by  LisaEicholtz (227)

because tom was asked to do a solo career when going home after a break. he declined but mark was unware that he deline... so the band was no more ........


Answer by  jandoe (42)

Travis Barker did what most musical group members do; they get their face in the industry in a "not going at it alone" manner. Then once they establish themselves and build their fan base they break off one at a time.


Answer by  Johnson2231 (237)

Tom Delonge wanted to take the band in a different direction than did Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. You can get an idea of this when you listen to the +44 record that Hoppus and Barker put out vs the Angels and Airwaves records that Hoppus put out.


Answer by  jitwtal (23)

The band one eight two broke up when DeLonge decided that he would spend much needed time with his family. This led to turmoil, and then he later quit the group.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Tensions began to arise as members of the band, particularly Tom DeLonge, began working of seperate side projects. Many of the projects featured two of the three members, thus leaving the third out in the cold. However, the band never actually broke up. They announced at the 2009 Grammy Awards that they were together and working on a new CD.


Answer by  Betsyboo5 (48)

Blink 182 broke up when one of its members, Tom Delonge, decided he wanted to take six months off from touring in 2005 so he could spend more time with his family. As a result, the group had to cancel their planned tour. Hard feelings developed and the band went on hiatus until just recently.


Answer by  danielle (83)

Mark and Tom were getting into arguments because Tom was spending more time with the band Angels and Airwaves then he was with Blink 182. Tom then quit, and Mark and Travis could not handle Blink 182 on their own so Blink 182 broke up. Tom said later in an interview the band was childish.

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