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Question by  AnnaWendt (140)

Why did American drop a second atomic bomb?

Didn't the first one do enough damage?


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

After the first atomic bomb attack, the Japanese did not immediately agree to the surrender terms put forth by the Allied Forces, perhaps believing the Americans only possessed one of such devices. Subsequently, a second nuclear weapon was deployed days later, leading then to the Japanese surrender.


Answer by  crathes (46)

Good question! The original target for the second one was Kokura but bad weather meant the plane diverted to Nagasaki instead. A cynic might say that the second was dropped to see if it worked. The first was a Uranium design, the second a Plutonium one. They were triggered differently.


Answer by  Ohno (14)

The United States dropped the second atomic bomb because Japan did not respond after we dropped the first on Hiroshima.

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