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Question by  greysquirrel (239)

Why are you supposed to fold the turkey's wings under it when you cook a Thanksgiving turkey?


Answer by  worker6728 (36)

You fold the turkey wings under before cooking so that the wing tips will not burn. The wing tips extend out from the bird body and have very little meat, so they tend to dry out and char. Tucking the wings in also creates a more regular shape for the bird carcass, which leads to more even cooking.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

I think it is mostly for appearance. Turkey wing tips are by far the smallest part of the bird, so they will cook much quicker than anything else. They can burn easily while the rest cooks. Tucking them under protects them. It also looks quite a bit neater than leaving them sticking out at odd angles!


Answer by  wrestler88 (192)

There's no rule on this -- people do it both ways -- but those that do tuck the turkey's wings under itself do because (1) they think it looks better, and (2) it helps stabilize the turkey -- less rocking and rolling that way!


Answer by  lmac (355)

Folding a turkey's wings underneath it creates a more stable base, gives the turkey the classic "rounded" appearance, and eliminates the possibility of the tips burning.


Answer by  Me2 (36)

You should fold the turkey's wings under it while cooking the turkey in the oven so the wings won't burn. If you do not, the wings will cook much quicker than the rest of the bird because they are much smaller and have less mass. You don't want to burn the wings!


Answer by  benicio (257)

I wonder if it's also beneficial because the thin wing tips are less likely to burn if its tucked under.


Answer by  suze (333)

According to my Mom, you fold the wings in so that they don't flop out of the pan when cooking. This will keep the oven clean.

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