Question by  Fnakun (27)

Why are sparks coming from an outlet?


Answer by  puppygrrl (103)

The outlet has a short-circuit in it. You need to contact an electrician immediately to prevent the possibility of a fire. Do not attempt to repair the outlet yourself.


Answer by  ppremise (200)

Sparks should not be coming from any outlet. There is something in the outlet conducting electricity at an uncontrolled rate that is heating up and shooting off small fragments, sparks.


Answer by  Alereon (44)

This means there is a short circuit between the wires in the outlet. This is an extreme fire and electrocution hazard. Shut off the power and contact an electrician.


Answer by  EJ (15)

The socket outlet has a loose wire or either has a shortage. This cold be very dangerous so be cautious.

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