Question by  wolfcam11 (25)

Why won't the GFCI outlet in my kitchen reset?

My microwave was plugged in to the outlet, and shorted the circuit. I tried to reset the outlet, but it didn't work. What could be wrong?


Answer by  MikeC (9)

The microwave may have tripped a breaker in the main electrical panel. Locate the electrical panel. Look for a breaker that's tripped and reset it.


Answer by  downtimepg (29)

Your GFCI outlest is most lilely damaged now. Or there are other circuts tied into it, and there is still something there stopping the reset.


Answer by  dfgospgfj (164)

If you're positive the the microwave caused the problem, then it may have just gone bad. Just like a breaker in your panel they wear out/become weak with repeated tripping.


Answer by  C4rys3 (56)

The curious thing about a GFCI outlet is that it is there to prevent ground faults. First check the main panel to make sure you have voltage across ALL breakers. If not then turn on the breaker that tripped otherwise make sure you turn the breaker off then pull the plug out and replace it.

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