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Question by  Orchidee3 (24)

Why are my rear brakes squealing on my Ford Focus?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well squealing typically indicates metal on metal contact. So either you pads are worn done to the backing plate or something else rubbing it. You pad my also be loose and cause it to squeal possibly.


Answer by  Anshul25 (34)

you can try replacing your rear brake shoes as worn out shoes may cause squealing. Also grinding the drum may help.


Answer by  prashanthjsmith (5)

I replaced worn OEM linings with advanced auto standard linings for this ford. I know focus has a problem with rear brake squealing. However I've had vechicle since new (30,000 on odo) old linings used to squeal first couple of brakings after sitting overnite (condensation) squeal would then go away.


Answer by  drew89 (117)

If they are disc brakes, either the rotors are slightly warped, or your need new brake pads. If they are drum breaks, the shoes probably need replacing.


Answer by  joseph17 (11)

A lot of the times with the ford focus the rear drum brakes will squeal and it is a normal trait of the car especially when it gets cold and there is a build up of condensation. of coarse check the surface and then go from there, you may need a new drum

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