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Who wrote the Diary of Anne Frank?


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The Diary of Anne Frank was written by Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who died during World War II. It was originally published by her father. It is the story of a young Jewish girl growing up in Germany and Amsterdam. The main part is about her life as a teenager before her capture by the Nazis.


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"The Diary of Anne Frank" was written by Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl living in Holland during World War Two.


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Anne Frank wrote the diary while in hiding later on it was found by the woman who owned the secret annex that the family was hidden in and given to otto frank, anne's father, after the war ended. He was able to type up the manuscript and have it published.


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Anne Frank kept a diary during the holocaust period. Her family hid out in an attic where she recorded everything in a diary.


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Charles Dickins

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No offense, but you need to get a clue--The Diary of Anne Frank was written by Anne Frank. If you wrote a diary, would the author be somebody else? Her father, who survived the Holocaust, found it after Anne's death in a concentration camp, and he published her diary.  add a comment
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you don't have to mean some people don't know everything!!  add a comment

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Anne Frank wrote it and mak sure not to ask this question on yahoo ,because people were like that is the most dumbest Question EVER!!!!! I mean I didn't ask but I searched it.

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