Question by  Mal (35)

Who was the singer in Spiderman 3?

Who was the main recording artist for the movie Spiderman 3?


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

Spiderman 3's main score was composer by Christopher Young, although none of his music is included on the official soundtrack. The movie featured songs from many popular bands, mainly Snow Patrol's hit single "Signal Fire". Also included on the album are The Killers, The Flaming Lips, Wolfmother, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and others.


Answer by  jpeltz09 (52)

The main recording artist was Christopher Young, however he is not actually on the soundtrack. The soundtrack featured many other popular artists, though.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Danny Elfman and John Debney had quite a few soundtracks in the movie Spiderman 3. However, there were many different singers, so it doesn't make much sense to say if there was a main singer or not. There were about 10 different artists who sang in the movie. You can go to the website for more information.


Answer by  dkshadow (37)

most of the songs written exclusively for that movie were written by Danny Elfman and Deborah Lurie. danny elfman also wrote the Simpsons theme song, a few tracks from fable, which is a video game), the soundtrack to Tim Burton's corpse bride, and many others. Deborah Lurie did many soundtracks too.


Answer by  elecstorm83 (167)

I'm pretty sure it was Dashboard Confessional. He sang "Vindicated" at the end of the movie during the credits. It seems to me that that credits song suggests Dashboard Confessional as the leader.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

The composer for Spiderman 3 original movie score was Christopher Young. Some of the artists featured on the Original Soundtrack for Spiderman 3 were Snow Patrol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jet, The Flaming Lips, Wolfmother, The Walkmen, and The Killers. The soundtrack album featured fifteen of the songs from the movie.

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