Question by  worker1277 (33)

Who sings the song "I Want to Know" ?

I love that song.


Answer by  janie50 (13)

With only the title to go by, the best answer for "who sings 'I Want to Know'" is The Mavericks who made it a hit record in 2003. A musical database shows 293 songs entitled "I Want to Know." If the version you seek is classic, 50s Rock 'n' Roll, it is probably the Ray Charles or The Cadillacs' version.


Answer by  Mindy (60)

The Mavericks who consists of Nick Kane, Robert Reynolds, and Paul Deakin This country-rock band was formed in Miami, Florida and sang the song "I want to know"


Answer by  october (178)

The song I want to know was originally performed by Living Colour. The intro goes Hey kids, lets go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, lets go, let's go.. Baby you stole my heart I do not know what to do.... hope this helps

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