Question by  chiquitalinda (66)

Who sells cheap white dresses?

I need several of them for family members.


Answer by  kingdavid (13)

You should try a store like walmart or Target. They ussally have very resonable prices and you would be able to find the different sizes that you need. If you need something a little cheap try a second hand store like Value World. You may find the dresses there but they will all be different.


Answer by  min (5)

I would check Target or Old Navy. Both stores carry clothes from size infant to adult. Target clothes usually range from $8-$25 and old Navy usually has sales .


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

I would try K-Mary or Wal-Mart. If not there, then try Kohl's, Target, or Conway or Rose's. If they need to be fancy then try a mall store such as JC Penny.


Answer by  Anna8413 (67)

You should search cheap white dresses on online shopping stores (like Amazon) or in second hand shops. You should search in local shops in sales periode.

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