Question by  missdorkness (48)

Who is the sociologist who viewed society as an arena of interaction?

He is also generally credited with having provided the theoretical basis for the interactionist approach.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

George Herbet Mead is the scientist who is behind this theory. He is considered as one of the most importance when it comes to modern psychology and famous for many new age sociology issues when it comes to human interaction which includes many mental illness such as ADHD which are common today.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

The sociologist who viewed society as an arena of interaction was an American philosopher, sociologist and psychologist George Herbert Mead ( February 27, 1863 – April 26, 1931 ). George Herbert Mead is also often regarded as one of the fathers of social psychology and, in general, the American sociological tradition.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

James Parker was the first to come up with the interactionist theory. Other notable sociologists who expanded on the theory include George Mead and Herbert Plumer

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