Question by  elsewhen (627)

Who is the Best Actor?

TV or movies or stage


Answer by  msbat (48)

Johnny Depp is the best actor. Ever since his role as Edward Scissorhands, I've seen him transform into the character that he's been hired to play. He's always convincing as a character. Whether it's a pirate, a homicidal barber, or a zany weirdo, he always comes across as classy and professional.


Answer by  GeekBoy (146)

It would be difficult to select just one actor as the best, but if you can watch an entire movie or play and forget who's playing the part, then an actor has done his/her job well. In my opinion, John Malkovich and Meryl Streep do this consistently.


Answer by  rainbow122 (61)

Without a doubt this distinction would have to be awarded to the marvelous Gene Hackman. This gentleman doesn't simply take on a role...he inhabits it. He not only knows how to deliver his lines, but also how to listen well and how to respond to his fellow actors (the true mark of a great one).


Answer by  Phil (103)

Tom Hanks is the best actor in hollywood. His perfomances in Forrest Gump and The Philadelphia story show his versatility as an actor. He has the quality performances that inspire many. Harrison Ford is a close second, but does not touch Hanks.


Answer by  notso (84)

Judi Dench.


Answer by  Anonymous

denzel washington

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