Question by  johnny2211 (27)

Who is responsible for residential water supply pipe replacement?


Answer by  clg (44)

The answer depends on the situation. If the residential area has more owner occupants, there will likely be a Board of Directors for the building(s). The Board has a big influence in who does the maintenance, plumbing or otherwise, for the residence. If the residence has more renter occupants, the property manager is responsible for who does the maintenance.


Answer by  JasonMichaels (28)

You are responsible for problems once the piping enters you home through the foundation. The city or municipality is responsible for problems outside of your home. Provided you didn't damage the supply line from digging.


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

9 out of 10 times it will be down to where the leak occurs. Your land, your problem etc. as has been said. In addition if you have a joint drain system with your neighbours there may be a joint liability to service the issue as a collective.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

"Common-sense" is that either the water-meter or main-shut-off-valve are the dividing-line between the water-utility's and the property-owner's responsibility; But that is not always the case, It depends on your-local-jurisdiction.


Answer by  digital1007 (113)

You are responsible for problems once the pipe enters your house. But ultimately it depends where the break occurs. Whether it happens before or after the meter. Different city's have different regulations.


Answer by  grothcc (119)

It depends on the area, but a municipal service line replacement is usually the homeowners responsibility. This includes the line from curb to meter.


Answer by  wertz4 (21)

Well this is a subject I know a little about, seeing how I just experienced this very problem. If the replacement is due to a water leak. You must first locate the leak. Once you have located the leak, if it is behind the water meter it is the homeowners problem to fix.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The city government in which you live are exactly responsible for the pipe replacement. Tell them the problem and ask them to send someone to replace the pipe. It is their responsibility.


Answer by  wingdog987 (154)

If you own the property it's your problem.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Waterlines on your property, up to the water meter at your property line, are your responsibility. From the water meter out are your city's responsibility..

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