Question by  circa310 (2)

Who has the largest snow globe collection?


Answer by  Lilly11 (17)

As of April 2008, Wendy Suen holds the record of owning the world's largest snow globe cxollection. She holds 1,888 snow globes in her collection.


Answer by  clubbprez (48)

Wendy Suen is the current Guiness Book of World Records record holder for owning the most snow globes. She currently boasts over 2000 snow globes in her collection.


Answer by  carol (1241)

A woman by the name of Wendy Suen holds the world record for this collection. She has over 2,000 at this time.


Answer by  dough (326)

One of the worlds snowglobe collection as well as it being the largest collection is recently in the hands of Corbin Bernsen a well known actor in the world of entertainment. Corbin Bernsen has a very impression collection sparkling with joy Corbin Bernson shows off his wonderful collection of snowglobes.


Answer by  Anonymous

wendy seun thanks over 2000 wow thanks


Answer by  Anonymous

Great website for starting or adding to a snow globe collection is Global Shakeup Snowdomes

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