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Question by  RaySimpson (47)

Who determines the TV rating system?

It seems like TV shows are becoming more and more inappropriate every year.


Answer by  Ginnna (14)

In the USA, the Federal Communications Commission, and specifically the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, oversees the TV rating system. According to this system, warnings for violence, language, sexual content and suggestive dialog are not displayed unless the program in question is rated as TV-PG or higher. Ratings range from TV-Y (children ages 0 and up) to TV-MA (adults only).


Answer by  Aurelion (99)

Unlike with video games, whose ratings are determined by the ESRB, there is no industry-specific company determining TV ratings... thus the inconsistency. There is a system in place (TV 14, MA, etc)called TV Parental Guidelines, however, which is how companies determine what they should rate an airing.


Answer by  dewittwhitley (213)

The ratings are created and determined by the FCC, which stands for Federal Communications Commission. I do think that tv is getting more mature in ways. I do find that most of them though, are on cable channgels, like HBO and Showtime.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

Neilson usually does television ratings. They send out forms for people to fill out along with boxes that keep track of shows watched.

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