Question by  atman (308)

Who can I do for E-Machines when their DVD drives are not working?


Answer by  davidsmith4deltaedu (338)

You can blow some can air in the dvd rom drive itself Sometime's that will clear the laser enough to make them functional again. If not they are generally about $20-$30 to replace them with a dvd burner.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

You could try looking for an updated driver on the E-Machines website. You might also want to contact E-Machines technical support for troubleshooting as there may be a physical issue.


Answer by  Peter1563 (265)

If the machine is still under warranty, you can replace it. If not, replacing a DVD drive is simple; a few cable connections and a screwdriver are all you'll need.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

More than likely your drive has died. They are cheap enough that you can just install a new drive. They are pretty easy to install. Just make sure you buy a quality brand.

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