Question by  babydoll (31)

How do I know if a guy likes me or if he just wants to be friends?

I met him at work and we have talked but I'm not sure if he really likes me or not. he doesn't call me and when I'm online he doesn't even say hi, but he always flirts with me at work.


Answer by  Gilda (113)

A true man is one who gets to the point. If he is interested in someone, he should have no problem approaching her. Is he flirting with only you or is he flirting with other women at work? If so, and he hasn't called you or sent you an im, then he may just want to be friends.


Answer by  Andersen (628)

I flirt with every girl because it make them happy and me. Also, the light mood gives either of us cover to explore additional friendship or relationship potential without fear.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

If he likes you, he would probably ask you to go out with him. The next time he's flirting with you, maybe you should ask him out!


Answer by  Anonymous

Flirting and dating are not the same thing. He's probably just flirting because he's bored. Make meaningful eye contact with _all_ the available men that you _truly_ admire and smile. Eventually, they will approach you. Enjoy life. Have fun. Be visible. Men love to pursue.

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