Question by  LisaGuo (5)

Who are your favorite players on Manchester United?


Answer by  frozendilemma (36)

Christiano Ronaldo. Ryan Giggs. Roy Keane. All these three players have the star power as well as the "it" which is needed to change the outcome of any game with their amazing playing skills. They all have represented their countries really well and they have a huge fan following. Its amazing to see how much they earn from commercials.


Answer by  Da810 (27)

The best known player on Manchester United is the English striker Wayne Rooney. Rooney along with Rio Ferdinand and Dimitar Berbatov are the top stars of the team. Ferdinand is the current captain of the England National team and Berbatov is known for his exciting goals and his widow's peak haircut. Gary Neville is the current club captain.


Answer by  arcitec (78)

Ryan Giggs - He has been a rock with Man. U for such a long time. Always a hard worker and the soul of the team Michael Owen - A prototypical English striker, direct and goes straight to the goal. Wayne Rooney - Hard nosed striker who is not afraid of contact


Answer by  florin1666 (42)

My favorite players on Manchester United are: Van der Sar( great goalkeeper) Rooney ( one of the most known footballers in the world) Park ( very good chinese football player) Owen ( an old player and a very good one)

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correcting : Park is the captain of the North Korean national team .  add a comment
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correcting: he is the star of the SOUTH Korean national team.  add a comment

Answer by  faisal1001 (7)

My Favorite Player On MANU Is The Golden Boy ( ROONEY ) .... he's my second best player on the world right now after ..The 8th wonder of the world m e s s i .. My other F P on MANU is the Serbian rocket of defense nemanja vidic


Answer by  Tomjk3920 (35)

Dimitar Berbatov is a top class player. His technique is unrivaled. Wayne Rooney is also a dangerous player from a variety of positions on the pitch.


Answer by  Bella27 (33)

Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and Sir Alex Ferguson

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