Question by  Bill81 (98)

Which "Surviving The Cut" Military/Discovery Episode Featured The Toughest Training?

For those who have seen the military training series, which did you think appeared to have the most difficult training. I thought maybe the Navy EOD or Marine Snipers had the most stress on them, but that the Air Force Pararescuemen had the toughest physical/mental overrall. What do you think?


Answer by  shegirl (7)

I think the Air Force Pararescuemen had the toughest training because jumping out of a plane requires not only stamina, but skill, mental alertness, bravery and concentration. Moreover, technique is important when parachuting, and landing on the ground in a dangerous situation takes fortitude, skill, and courage, a tough job.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

I watch all of them. They are all very intense. You have take clips for each of them and make your own DVD using the information and switch up the routine.


Answer by  Anonymous

All of them were very tough, but if I had to choose I'd give it to the PJ's. That Extended Training Day was almost sickening (respect to all those who "Survived the Cut"). That was true hell. Marine Recons seemed very tough, just gotta give props to Pararescuemen, relentless PT!

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