Question by  LeoBarnabas (27)

Which should I do if my child is getting sick at preschool?


Answer by  nanook (605)

You should do is contact the teacher to discuss what hygiene routines they have for when children do things such as use the bathroom or eat snacks. While doing this you also need to take into consideration if your child has sensitive skin or any allergies.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

Start giving them a multivitamin every morning. you can also send them to school with a special soap or wipes to make sanitation fun for them. Put tissues and wipes in their backpacks for easy use. Its hard with a class full of kids to prevent it completely. Tell them to wash their hands before they eat.


Answer by  lldevil02 (35)

Getting sick is unfortunately one of the side effects from sending your child to preschool. They are in class with many other children, where germs are passed around and shared. This does not mean they should be removed perminantly from the school. Building up an immunity (meaning they won't get sick as often) is good for children.


Answer by  shanniesok (14)

If children become ill the best course of action should be to take them out of school. Make sure it is understood by the teacher to call you as soon as signs of illness occur. I know most of us work but it is not fair to the other children and the parents. Take them home for plenty of rest.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hide him in a dark room.

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