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Question by  LocalJobsZonecom (24)

Which "Saturday Night Live" cast member created the character of "Canteen Boy?"

My friend and I have a bet.


Answer by  dukeofspoot (30)

Canteen Boy is a character played by the comedian Adam Sandler. He appears in several different episodes of Saturday Night Live in 1993 and 1994. Arguably the most memorable Canteen Boy sketch came during an episode of Saturday Night Live in February of 1994, where Adam Sandler performed Canteen Boy being sought-after sexually by a scoutmaster, Alec Baldwin.


Answer by  DeborahSG (212)

He is an Adam Sandler creation, and was seen on the TV show Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s. This fictional man was not so fiction - he was zealous about his job; he was, indeed, the camp employee from hell. He is not a minor, in spite of his age. He is a 20-something, with a childlike wonder.

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