Question by  Alicia (25)

Which products really help hair grow faster?


Answer by  LenaRenneker (210)

There have been NO over the counter products scientifically proven to make hair grow faster. However, I work in a salon and even stylists will claim that Pantene Pro-V or Mane and Tail shampoo makes hair grow. The most important factor is keeping your hair healthy, which will insure it doesn't break off.


Answer by  BLiever (81)

There are no products that help hair grow faster, however, good products, not over-processing or using too much heat will keep your hair healthier and avoid breakage.


Answer by  debra207 (207)

Believe it or not, nutritional products are the best bet. Hair grows from the inside and good nutrition is key. Nioxin is a great product for external use.


Answer by  tania18 (168)

There are no products the help grow faster. It is what inside your body, some supplements are known to help hair growth and water. Generally products help maintain the length.


Answer by  katdog (294)

Nioxin cleanser and Nioxin scalp therapy are great professional products to help hair grow faster. They also have a vitamin/supplement that helps, and several different scalp treatments. I have personally seen this product work.


Answer by  GEETZ (388)

To grow hair faster use oil once a week. Oil your hair once a week with vitamin e oil that is available in the market,that will help.

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