Question by  Denardo (22)

Which models of the George Foreman Grill come with the rotisserie kit?

I have to send a wedding gift so I want to make sure I order the right one.


Answer by  azertyken (19)

There are only two that are currently available: - George Foreman GR36-59A Grill and Rotisserie Combo - George Foreman GR59A Baby George Rotisserie It might be possible to request George Foreman for past models, however, those seem not to be available at the moment


Answer by  sona (36)

There are a number of George Foreman Grills with a rotisserie kit, but two of the most popular and widely available are GR36-59A Grill and Rotisserie Combo and the GR59A baby George Rotisserie for those cooks with smaller work areas.


Answer by  muzacgurl (13)

It is important to find just the right gift for a wedding. It is their special day and a special gift makes tops it off. The specific George Foreman Grill you are looking for is the George Foreman GR36-59A Grill and Rotisserie Combo. It gets great reviews from consumers both as a gift or for yourself.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

The simplest way would be to purchase the Wilton pan in that shape. You can trace cardboard and cut out the shape, then add large cookies for wheels.


Answer by  julie39 (171)

There are 3 models available, GR50A, Baby George, GR582B, George Jr., and GR80, Big George. the prices run anywhere from $129.00 all the way up to $300.00.

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