Question by  Fuchan (24)

How is the George Foreman Grilleration different from his other grills?

I love my current George Foreman grill.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

The grill catches the grease that runs off the grill and catches in a dip pan. The grill is angled so that it runs down, saving fat from your diet.


Answer by  jojoso (100)

The grilleration has different grilling plates that are inter-changable. It also has a higher grilling temp. The grilling surface is larger so it allows you to grill bigger or more items.


Answer by  Jamie0108 (61)

The George Foreman Grilleration has five removable plates. These five removable plates are triple-coated, scratch-resistant, and have nonstick coating on them. They are also dishwasher safe and the handles stay cool to the touch.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

The Grilleration is like a full size grill, and you can cook more food on it, with more storage for the fat drippings. If you love your current Foreman grill, then by all means, stick with the one you got, but the Grilleration is just as nice.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

It cooks anything I mean any thing.If there is greas it runs off i do not get the grease in the food !

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