Question by  Manda51 (9)

Which is better: CarSense or Car Max?


Answer by  drazon75 (35)

i like car max better then carsense because the way it is layed out easier to use. plus they are more on point with what they have to say.


Answer by  ArchieBringino (107)

Both are resellers but I would think that CarSense offers a firm price in which you may be able to negotiate with Car Max.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

I have never been to Car Sense, but Car Max is a great company all of the cars are fully inspected and put back into shape.


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

In my opinion, Car Max is most often used. Due to the higher use and increased positive reputation, Car Max is superior to CarSense.

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