Question by  robertofLA (17)

Which is a better condensing unit, a Rheem or York?


Answer by  Stuart67 (7)

In older heat pump condensing units, I found that the Yorks were over-controlled and too proprietary. The Rheem has some proprietary things too such as the B-terminal reversal valves, but overall I found them less problematic than the Yorks. In a straight cool unit, I pick Rheem as well.


Answer by  Jason80 (99)

While different sources will tell you different units are better, i can say from experience that York makes a far better unit. Rheems are notorious for always needing repairs. Also, york makes more commercial units.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

The better condensing unit is the York. The york is more versatile and also in the long run, it will last longer. It's also simply cost effective compared to the Rheem.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

It depends on the grade of condensing unit you wish to buy. Most government regulated efficiencies are similar in construction. The true difference comes with premium units. I don't recommend Rheem or York, but Carrier. The Carrier Infinity system is a premium first quality unit. But to reach premium efficiencies the air handler must be changed also.


Answer by  ronaldo (100)


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