Question by  prahlad40 (74)

Which freezes faster: cold water or hot water?


Answer by  lonewarrior556 (45)

The rate at which water freezes depends on how fast heat is withdrawn from it, it's temperature and what peressure it's at. Since cold water is basically water with less heat than hot water, In identical scenarios cold water would freeze faster than hot water because it has less heat to lose.


Answer by  kevinkane (7)

The hot water has more thermal energy which must be removed by the cooling process. Assuming that all other characteristics of the two water types are the same (salinity, flow rate, etc.), and given the same rate of temperature change, cold water will reach the freezing point faster than hot water.


Answer by  IloveScience (118)

Cold water. It is because the original temperature of cold water is lower, so it can be faster than hot water to reach the freezing point (0 degree Celsius). Hot water need to decrease its temperature more than cold water, it takes more time. So cold water freezes faster than hot water.

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