Question by  jaykar625 (10)

Which due date is more accurate, the one based on conception or the ultrasound?


Answer by  SammyL (30)

Due dates based upon ultrasound are more accurate than the due date based upon conception. By ultrasound, fetal measurements are collected and a due date determined to the 1/7th of a week. Additional ultrasounds during the pregnancy can get the due date even closer, or confirm the original date.


Answer by  Judy (36)

Conception can be calculated incorrectly by perhaps a week or so. The ultrasound, although sensitive is as accurate as the technician viewing the screen. However, ultrasound imaging will give a closer estimate as to the age of the fetus and should be considered more accurate than the calculated conception date.


Answer by  XjoshhyX (132)

The Ultrasound is a good source of finding out just how big your baby is, but keeping track of the date starting from the expected conception would be your best bet. The day of conception through the 9 months should give you a good idea on the expected date.


Answer by  caradee (32)

I think the due date based on ultrasound is more accurate. When you base the due date off conception, it doesn't account for complications that may lead to pre-mature births or late deliveries. Using conception is good for a general idea, but ultrasounds give up to date information.

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