Question by  shippee32 (1)

Should I be worried that my dog has not gone into labor? It is 7/31 and she has a due date 8/1.

I took her to the vet. An ultrasound shows puppies in the uterus.


Answer by  flowermom (88)

No. This should not concern you at all. Obviously, you want to be watchful over her, but let nature take its course and understand that a due 'date' is not set in stone. Good luck!


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

I'm guessing this is an old question but I wouldn't worry because pregnancies carrying late are common and normal. It happens every day with human women and there is no reason it shouldn't happen to dogs and other animals as well. It would be best simply to be patient right now.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Today is 8/1. Like people, a dog can deliver early or late. If she is in the care of a veterinarian, direct this question to him/her.

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