Question by  nasemcsc (36)

Where should I buy a food truck to use for a delivery business?

I am going to start my own delivery business and would like to know where to find a truck.


Answer by  samisaysalways70 (69)

I would suggest you to buy a delivery truck from a well known dealer of your city with a service warranty. It will help you to get a good and perfect product.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

Try the local paper or craigslist. You can also check state auction listings as they have service vehicles they get rid of on a monthly basis. That is where a lot of people pick up vehicles for their business. You would be amazed on what you find on the Internet as well!


Answer by  Jsands1982 (871)

If they sale vehicles online then you are sure to find one. But a Dealership is a better place like Ford to invest in a food truck.


Answer by  twitchard (143)

Keep your eye out in your local newspaper for a locally owned truck, or craigslist is great to find vehicles. You can also check with any car rental companies around you to see if they have any trucks for sale at decent prices.


Answer by  Cash813 (68)

Your local newspaper should have an automobile classified section, and if that does not work, you can always try looking on Craigslist.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

I would check a lot of local dealerships in the the area. I know of some people trading these type of vehicles into the dealership and you could probably get one at a good price.


Answer by  billyb (562)

some food service companies might be willing to sell one of their trucks that they are taking out of service.

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