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Question by  Randy73 (58)

Where is the horn on a 2001 Buick century?

I can not find the horn on my new car, it is a 2001 Buick Century can you help me out.


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

There should be a "horn symbol" or maybe two on your steering wheel pad, around 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock on the wheel about an inch or two in from the outside edge. The symbol is usually just indented and not always highlighted with paint so it's kind of hard to see.


Answer by  cruzin2thetop (28)

I believe that the horn is located under the airbag symbol on the steering wheel. Check your owners manual or on line under Buick owners manuals and you should be able to find the year of your car and diagrams.


Answer by  electroman (337)

I'm assuming you mean the horn itself, which should be either inside the front grill, or somewhere close to the fender under the hood. Unless it's broken, you can get somebody to honk it while you listen for it with the hood open, otherwise you'll just have to search for it.


Answer by  chazeloff (324)

It is located on the steering wheel it is in the center so it is easy to push when needed.


Answer by  Brittany41 (20)

The horn is located in the middle of the steering wheel on the drivers side. It is important to know where the horn is for proper usage. Not just this car, but all cars, the horn is located in the center of the steering wheel.

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