Question by  shane31 (6)

Where is the emergency brake on a Chrysler?

I have a Town & Country.


Answer by  jmoney333 (24)

Under the steering column on the left hand side. There is a pedal to push down to engage the brake and a lever to pull to disengage.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Typically the handbrake is located in one of two places. If there is a console there should be a level behind the shifter. If it has a column shift or no console then there should be a foot brake to the left of the drivers feet.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

The parking break cable for the Town & Country is located underneath the front of the vehicle drivers side, you should be able to see the exposed cable there, you will need this to reset the brake.


Answer by  strawberry (124)

The emergency brake on a Chrysler could be find the right side of the wheel. This is a good idea because in case of emergency the driver could quickly grab the brake.

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