Question by  silverkatcreationsyahoocom (324)

Where is the best place to shop for occupied Japan antiques?

I collect antiques.


Answer by  caporfirio (804)

Search antique stores that specialize in Asian pieces. A lot of occupied Japan pieces are unmarked and only a trained eye can spot them.


Answer by  smith79 (129)

Ebay as always has a large selection of these items, but it is diffuclt to check the quality via photos. Atlanta Antique Gallery has a beautiful collection of items from lamps to dinnerware and the widely sought after figuirines. Cyberattic is a great online resources for antique collectors that you may find these and other items of interest at.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

There are a tone of old flea markets, but you can also e-bay items or go to special online shops.

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