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Question by  Jason19 (54)

How much are knick knacks worth from occupied Japan?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

It would depend on the type that you have and the condition. Most of them will be worth only a few dollars but some could be worth more if they are in great condition or unique in some way. The best way to sell these is through an online auction like eBay or Amazon.


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

Depending on what these knick knacks are will determine how much they are worth. Check antique auction houses, and collector sites to get a general idea for how much they are worth and how much people are spending for them.


Answer by  Mitch42 (6)

Knick knacks from occupied Japan are very valuable pieces of historical significance. This is because of the rich history of Japanese culture dating back thousands of years. Knick knacks from Japan can be worth thousands of dollars during the period of occupation. This is because occupation was a rare occurence in Japanese culture.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

That largely depends on what the knick knacks are, whether they have a makers mark, condition, etc. Tea sets and music boxes are usually worth a good bit.


Answer by  Anonymous

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