Question by  deidra96 (1)

Where does potlatching fit in on the continuum of production, consumption and exchange?

It's related to reciprocity in trade, but I don't get how it fits in.


Answer by  gianna729 (38)

The potlatch is a re-distribution and reciprocity of wealth and is considered economic activity, however it does not include an explicit agreement of exchange. Rather, the exchange relies on custom and an implicit agreement that the recipient will redistribute his wealth at a future time. This delayed, inherent exchange is what qualifies the potlatch as economic activity.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Potlatching is when someone throws a party and gives food and trinkets to everyone else. It is a distribution of goods to others. All of those with wealth were expected to potlatch, in effect distributing wealth and allowing others to consume it. This created a system of exchange.

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