Question by  Vernon (21)

Where does barometric pressure least fluctuate?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Honolulu, Hawaii has the least fluctuation of barometric pressure from 29.34" to 30.32" in mercury. The second is San Diego, California from 29.37" to 30.53" in mercury.


Answer by  Kori39 (6)

From my understanding, it would be in an area that has a consistent type of weather. An example would be like the desert or the poles where there would be little or no changes in the weather at all.


Answer by  rolltide247 (12)

Over the large open oceans of the world, due to the lack of temperature differences. Water's high specific heat capacity causes little variation.


Answer by  cynstres (82)

The barometric pressure least fluctuates in middle of a country as it is inland away from the waters influence. The pressure may fluctuate less in the middle of the ocean.

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