Question by  bobby92 (13)

Where do lizards live?

Do they live in the colder climates?


Answer by  BradL (6)

There are just under 4000 species of lizards. Ranging from large lizards over 7 feet long to the ever minuscule. They have colonized every continent except Antarctica. They are extremely abundant in rain forests & desert areas. They are able to adapt to colder climates and there are species that exist as far up as zone 3 growing zones.


Answer by  Youngmom (233)

Lizards are cold blooded, they use the outside weather to control their body temperature. So they are naturally found in tropical climates, where it is warm all the time (or most of the time). They sunbathe on rocks, in deserts or rain forests. They get warm from the sunlight, then hide in the shade or water to cool down.


Answer by  shihitomi666 (48)

They live in hotter or humid climates because they are cold blooded and require the heat to keep their blood flowing.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

Lizards are cold blooded which means they can't produce their own body heat. they must live in warm or hot climates to survive

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