Question by  ernnnnnn (18)

What differs in the Nile Monitor lizard from that of other Lizards common to Africa?

I would like to make sure that the Lizard I am purchasing is truly a Nile Monitor Lizard.


Answer by  GottaLottaPets (79)

The Nile monitor is the largest lizard species in Africa and can get as long as 6-7 feet. Most other lizards in Africa are considerably smaller than this. If you have a juvenile, it can be harder to tell from other species, but they generally still have the same striped markings as the adults.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

There are no other African monitor lizards that are easily confused with the Nile monitor. The Savanna monitor is another large African species but is very different in appearance from the Nile monitor. Water monitors are quite similar in appearance and size to the Nile monitor but are from Asia.

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